Advisor to Prince Charles resigns for honorary title scandal

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Michael Fawcett, Prince Charles’ closest and most senior adviser, left his post as head of The Prince’s Foundation amid an alleged scandal called “Cash-for-Honours,” the charity said on Friday. .

Fawcett, who previously served as the prince’s valet, voluntarily stepped down as chief executive in early September after accusations that he used his position and influence to help secure an honorary title and British citizenship for a Saudi businessman in return for donations.

The Prince’s Foundation has opened an inquiry into the allegations. Charles has denied any knowledge of the alleged offer of honors in exchange for donations, with a Clarence House spokesman telling the CNN that the prince fully supported the charity’s ongoing investigation.

A friend of Fawcett told the British newspaper Daily Mail – first to report his departure from the institution: “Michael has resigned and will never return. He lost ten pounds and is a shadow of what he used to be.”

Fawcett was accused of using his position and influence to help Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz gain the title of Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (or CBE), according to the Sunday Times.

An honorary CBE is one of the highest commendations that can be received by a non-Commonwealth citizen.

O Sunday Times reported that Mahfouz made large financial donations to reform projects of interest to the Prince of Wales in exchange for support to secure the honorary title, which the Queen bestowed in 2016.

The paper alleges that Fawcett – who left his valet role in 2003, but continued to freelance for royalty – coordinated the Saudi’s application process.

The Sunday Times reported that Mahfouz – who denies any wrongdoing – was seeking various honorary positions to reinforce his claim for British citizenship through the “golden visa” through the investment program.

A CNN contacted Mahfouz to comment on the allegations. THE CNN he also tried to contact Fawcett through the Prince’s Foundation.

The Prince’s Foundation is an umbrella organization for Charles’ various charitable projects, based on the historic property of Dumfries House, Scotland, which is used as an education and training center and advocates for sustainable living.

Fawcett has been the charity’s executive director since 2018, according to the news agency PA Media. The institution is operated separately from Prince Charles’ main office at Clarence House.

Fawcett, whom the Prince of Wales once described as “indispensable,” joined royal service in 1981 as a servant to Queen Elizabeth II. He was quickly promoted before being named Charles’s assistant valet.

The royal aide resigned from Charles’ service in 2003 after allegations of mismanagement of his royal house. A later report absolved Fawcett of selling unwanted actual gifts and taking a share of the profit. However, it turned out that he violated the rules and accepted perks and hospitality.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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