AdWall-Adblock & Firewall 1.0.1

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ad wall is a free solution for blocking ads in apps, games, browsers with a built-in firewall to restrict Internet access in your apps.

ROOT is not required!


fast internet

AdWall increases website loading speed by blocking ads, online trackers and analytical systems.

Traffic control and money saving

The built-in firewall allows you to securely restrict network access to certain applications and reduce mobile Internet costs by 2 times.

You decide which applications download data via mobile Internet, and which via Wi-Fi.


Save battery power

AdWall reduces site loading time and improves performance. This saves battery life as fewer ads are downloaded.

Protecting your personal data is our top priority

AdWall allows you to hide your Internet activity from any analytical systems.

Websites and social networks no longer collect data about your activities.

How it works

AdWall is a thin layer between your device’s network interface and the apps you use.

To filter traffic, we set up a local VPN connection without the use of third-party services, so the data is filtered on your device and not sent anywhere.

Source: Trash Box

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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