Aena registers losses of 126.8 million, the first since 2012, due to the impact of the pandemic

The Board of Directors has approved a new extraordinary incentive for the recovery of operations for the 2021 summer season


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Aena, the manager of Spanish airports, It registered losses of 126.8 million in 2020, after falling its income by 50%, to 2,242.8 million, due to the impact of the pandemic. They are the first losses in eight years, since 2012. In 2019, before Covid, Aena had had a profit of 1,442 million.

In just one year, Aena has gone from the best year, in terms of profits and passenger traffic, to the worst. This has been recognized by the company’s own president, Maurici Lucena, who has acknowledged that “this has been the worst year for air traffic since the Second World War”.

The pandemic has plummeted passenger traffic, due to mobility restrictions. The reduction in passenger traffic in Spain has been 72.4%, to 76.1 million passengers, has translated into a drop in aeronautical activity, with the consequent drop of 67, 1% on your income.

Commercial activities (what is earned by the activity of restaurants and shops at airports) fell 16.4%, including Annual Minimum Income (what is charged to the tenants of the commercial premises) recorded but not collected of 635.5 million euros, including those corresponding to the period of the state of alarm (198.6 million euros).

The company has defined a general framework of agreements with these merchants to adjust their contracts and that supposes a discount of almost 60% in 2020, about 800 million euros in the years 2020 and 2021.

These discounts “have been a formidable effort on the part of Aena”, stated at a press conference the president of the company, Maurici Lucena.

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