Afghanistan: Four Islamic State Members Claim Taliban Arrested

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The invasion of their forces Taliban in an area west of Kabul led to the arrest of four members of one of its nuclei Islamic State (ISIS-K), according to today the statements of the official representative of the Islamic movement.

The raid in the area Pagman, just outside its capital Afghanistan, was done after a bomb attack on a mosque on Sunday, which has been claimed by Islamic State, which has carried out a series of operations since the Taliban seized power in Kabul in August.

In the raid they were confiscated arms and documents, the Taliban spokesman also said Zambiolah Mujahid by posting it on Twitter.

According to Reuters, the return of the local branch of the Islamic State, at a time when the new government is facing a potentially catastrophic economic crisis, exacerbates the problems facing the Taliban.

And the Taliban may say they have full control of the country after the fall of the government of the Western-backed president Ashraf GhaniHowever, remnants of their rival forces, consisting of former Afghan army members and local fighters under the banner of the Afghan National Resistance Front, remain in the periphery. Pansir, north of Kabul.

Mujahid and other Taliban representatives have denied allegations that Islamic State poses a threat, saying the jihadist organization not has its roots in Afghanistan. Today’s arrests, however, show that the Islamic State has not been completely eliminated, according to the international news agency.

It is reminded that the Islamic State of Khorasan – as ISIS’s branch in Afghanistan is called – first appeared in Afghanistan in the beginning of 2015. He has repeatedly clashed with the Taliban over economic and ideological differences.

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