Afghanistan: girls cannot go back to school

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Every day that girls do not go to school is a day when their basic human rights are denied. We call on the authorities to urgently revoke this decision and to ensure the immediate opening of schools for girls. They must be allowed to go back to school, ”concludes Hassan Noor Saadi. At the moment, only elementary schools and universities have been reopened, in separate courses for boys and girls, as it was before the return of the Taliban.

The decision comes at a time when Afghanistan is completely bent by the political and economic situation. As Save The Children points out, foreign aid that once supported Afghanistan has been slow to arrive after governments and international financial institutions cut funds and froze Afghanistan’s assets following last year’s handover. .

The stories of extreme poverty follow one another, reaffirming the need not to leave the Afghan population alone. More and more families are even going to sell their children in order to find economic support. In a recent survey, Save the Children spoke to 30 families who had swapped a child for debt and according to an analysis by the Humanitarian Organization up to 121,000 children may have been transferred across the country since August 2021.

This was done by Nosheen, 36, who lives with her husband and their five children in the northern province of Jawzjan, Afghanistan. She is pregnant with their sixth child, but her husband told her they had no choice but to sell her unborn child. “Talking about sadness is not enough to describe how I feel”Nosheen said. “If you lose a needle, you will be sad. This is my son. ‘ To respond to the emergency, Save The Children assists families financially to avoid and resort to desperate measures such as giving up their children, marrying their little daughters or reducing meals. “I have six children. I was also thinking of selling them because I can’t afford to provide for them “, said Fatima. We haven’t paid the rent for the house for two months. The owner warned us that he will throw us in the snow. Getting this money will allow me to keep my son. ‘

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Source: Vanity Fair

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