Afghanistan: “Girls will be able to go back to school,” say the Taliban

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The other members of their government, which does not include any women, announced the Taliban At the same time, they assured that they would allow the girls to return to school and abolished the Ministry of Women, as announced by their representative Zambihullah Mujahid.

The new Taliban regime in Afghanistan announced on September 7 – three weeks after taking power in the country – the first part of its government, which includes historical members of the Islamist movement.

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Their representative reiterated today that this is a transitional government, which will be strengthened in the future.

Mujahid, meanwhile, said girls attending high school and high school would be able to return to school “as soon as possible”, although restrictions on women’s public life have risen in recent weeks in Afghanistan.

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“We are finalizing things. It will happen as soon as possible“, Assured the representative of the Taliban as broadcast by the Athenian News Agency.

On Saturday The Taliban had asked the boys to return to high schools, but not the girls, a decision that provoked the reaction of Afghan society and the international community.

The lessons at Afghanistan were suspended in mid-August after the Islamist movement returned to power.

As for civil servants’ salaries, Mujahideen said the Taliban could pay them, but “they need time”.

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