Afghanistan: no universities for women in Kabul

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«I give you my word, as rector of the Kabul University», Mohammad Ashraf Ghairat said in a tweet,« Until there is a true Islamic environment for everyone, women will not be allowed to go to university or to work. Islam comes first ». Neither teachers nor students. That of the rector is a further restriction with respect to the indications reached so far in Afghanistan.

These are indications that are getting closer and closer to those of the Taliban regime over the years Ninety when women could not leave the house unless accompanied.

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The new regime had announced itself to be more moderate by talking about lessons in divided classes, but now there seems to be no such thing either.

“In this place there is nothing un-Islamic,” said anonymously a woman who worked at the University, the New York Times he reported his testimony: “Presidents, teachers, engineers and even the mullahs studied here and were a gift to society. Kabul University is the home of the nation, of Afghanistan ”.

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It is yet another blow to the Afghan education system born from years of foreign investment and based on gender equality. “There is no hope. The whole education system is collapsing»Said Hamid Obaidi, former spokesman for the Ministry of Education. Tens of thousands of students are home because schools are closed and the American University in Afghanistan is in neglect.

Instead of teachers who are also trained abroad, there are faithful of the regime who have no experience or academic preparation. Some female students have returned to private universities, but public ones are still closed. Even at the reopening they may not be frequented by women, not even separately since there is no certainty that there will be professors. Foreign aid is gone and the government does not have the funds to pay the teachers.

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