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Afghanistan: Taiwan offers $ 1 million for earthquake victims

Afghanistan: Taiwan offers $ 1 million for earthquake victims

The Taiwanese government will contribute $ 1 million to earthquake relief efforts in Afghanistan, following calls from the United Nations and others for humanitarian aid, its government announced late Thursday night.

Taiwan is not a UN member state due to pressure from China, which sees the island as a breakaway province destined to reunite with the mainland one day, even by force if necessary. But he has been trying for decades to show that he is a responsible member of the international community.

The Taiwanese presidency said in a press release that the island would donate in a “humanitarian spirit” to help the victims of the disaster, “responding to calls from the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations.”

However, Taiwan will not deploy search and rescue teams in the country, a decision it made after consulting with other states and taking into account the difficulties in transporting them, a spokesman for the presidency added.

Taiwan, an island also located in an extremely seismic region, often sends rescue teams to affected areas internationally.

For its part, China assures that it is ready to offer assistance to Afghanistan, but has not given more details so far.

At least 1,000 people have been confirmed dead in an earthquake that struck the Southeast Asian nation on Tuesday.

Taipei and Beijing have been involved in counter-humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The island has announced it will donate more than $ 30 million to help refugees and rebuild. To date, China has announced that it will donate 3 million euros.

China has accused Taiwan of wanting to use the donation for political purposes. Taipei denied it, assuring that the help was given “from our hearts”.


Source: Capital



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