Afghanistan: Taliban Condemn US Attack on Kabul

Afghanistan: Taliban Condemn US Attack on Kabul

The attack launched on Sunday (29/8) by the USA with unmanned aircraft in Kabul targeting a suspected suicide bomber, a Taliban spokesman said, adding that it had caused civilian casualties.

The spokesman in an interview given on Monday (30/8) to the state television network CGTN stated that it is illegal the United States launches attacks at will in other countries.

“If there was a possible threat to Afghanistan “It should have been reported to us, not an arbitrary attack that resulted in civilian casualties,” Zabihullah Mujahid was quoted as saying by the Athens News Agency, citing local media, adding that seven people had been killed.

Pentagon officials say the suicide bomber was preparing on behalf of ISIS-K – the local branch of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, which is an enemy of both the West and Taliban– Attack on Kabul Airport, where US troops are in the final stages of withdrawing from Afghanistan.

The US Central Command announced that is investigating reports of civilian deaths from yesterday’s drone strike.

“We know that significant and powerful explosions followed after the car crash, suggesting that a huge amount of explosives inside it may have caused additional casualties,” he said.

Mujahideen issued a similar statement condemning the U.S. drone strike on Saturday that killed two Islamic State militants in the southern province of Nagahar.

He said two women and a child were injured in the attack.

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