Afghanistan: Taliban disperse women with gunfire and sticks

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Employing violence and shooting in the air The Taliban dispersed a small demonstration in favor of women’s rights on Thursday (30/9).

According to AFP and eyewitnesses, the extremist Islamists were trying by all means to remove the six young protesters who gathered outside a High School in East Kabul to claim the right of girls to education as soon as the Taliban took power. forbade girls to go to school.

The women unfurled a banner that read: “Do not break our pencils, do not burn our books, do not close our schools “ along with a photo showing young girls in hijab (headscarf) inside a school room.

The Taliban snatched their banner, while a foreign journalist was shot by a rifle and banned from filming.

A member of Taliban he even fired into the air with his automatic weapon, AFP reporters said.

The protesters, members of a group called the “Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women Activists”, found shelter inside the school, according to the Athens News Agency.

“The protesters did not cooperate with the security forces,” said the Taliban

A Taliban member, Mawlawi Nasratullah, who described himself as the head of special forces in Kabul, said the protesters “did not cooperate with security forces regarding the demonstration”. “They have the right to protest in our country, as in any other country. “But they should inform the security authorities first,” he said.

Since the Taliban came to power, there have been isolated demonstrations with women on the front lines in various cities across the country, including the western city of Herat, where two people were killed by gunfire.

But the protests have declined since the government issued a decree against unlicensed protests warning those who do not comply with “serious legal consequences”.

It has been almost two weeks since girls were barred from going to High School.

The Taliban follow a strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, which separates men from women. while they have also banned women from accessing work.

They have said they want the right conditions before the girls return to class, but many Afghans have reservations.

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