Afghanistan: Taliban Operation Against Islamic State in Kandahar Province

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The Taliban today launched an operation against several hideouts of the local branch of the Islamic State in the province of Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan, a police source said.

The operation against Islamic State of Khorasan began around midnight in four parts of the province and continued into the morning, Kandahar police chief Abdul Ghafar Mohammadi explained.

“So far four Daesh fighters (Arabic acronym for IK) have been killed and 10 arrested (…) One of them detonated the explosives he carried inside a house,” he added.

A Taliban intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said at least three civilians had been killed during the operation.

Since taking power in Afghanistan on August 15, the Taliban have made security a priority after decades of war. However, they are facing a wave of attacks launched by the IK.

The group has been active around the city of Jalalabad, its stronghold for some time, and has launched a number of attacks against the Taliban.

The ISIS has also targeted the Shiite minority in Kunduz, Kabul and the city of Kandahar, where an attack on a mosque in mid-October killed at least 60 people.

The IK had weakened considerably in 2019 after the Afghan army operations, with the help of the US, and due to their rivalry with the Taliban. However, it has since been rebuilt.



Source From: Capital

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