Afghanistan: Taliban orders private universities to bar women from entrance exams

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The Ministry of Higher Education administered by Taliban ordered them private universities in the Afghanistan to not allow female students to participate in entrance exams next month, highlighting his policy to restricts women from higher education.

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The ministry’s letter was addressed to institutions in the northern provinces of Afghanistan, including Kabul, where the exams are to be held from the end of February. The letter stated that institutions that did not follow the rules would face legal sanctions.

The Ministry of Higher Education in December called on universities not to allow female students to participate “until further notice”. Days later, as reported by APE-MPE, the administration banned most female NGO workers from working. Most girls’ high schools have also been closed by the authorities.

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The restrictions on women’s work and education have drawn condemnation internationally. Western diplomats have pointed out that the Taliban will have to change course on their policies towards women to have a chance of official international recognition and easing their economic isolation.

Source: News Beast

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