Afghanistan: Taliban Representative Calls on International Community for More Aid

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Call on the international community to increase its assistance to Afghanistan addressed a Taliban spokesman in Kuduz.

Taliban spokesman Matiullah Rouhani said The aid may take the form of investments, reconstruction projects “or any kind of humanitarian assistance to the Government or the people of Afghanistan”, appealing to “the entire international community, including Germany”..

In addition, he said that Taliban will consider the aid “very welcome”.

The Taliban captured Kunduz on August 8 as part of their offensive in the country. The last US troops withdrew from Afghanistan in late August, marking the end of a nearly two-decade military mission.

Rouhani criticized the international community for its support of the “corrupt government”, as he described it, of Afghanistan for the last 20 years and for stopping aid when the Taliban came to power. Taliban bring peace to Afghanistan, he says, adding “we are not terrorists”. He himself, however refused to comment on the Taliban’s controversial policies regarding women, referring journalists to the transitional government in Kabul. Rouhani simply stated that The Taliban believe that all citizens, men and women, have the same value.

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