Afghanistan: The Taliban want investment from Germany

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Investments from Germany are welcomed by Talibanas well as providing assistance in areas such as humanitarian aid, healthcare, education and infrastructure, the organization’s spokesman told Bild newspaper.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last month as foreign troops withdrew after a 20-year mission. The country is facing economic collapse and a humanitarian crisis, while donors and governments are considering how to handle the new leaders.

Germany, acting in agreement with the European Union, has set the stage for a diplomatic presence in Kabul again and to thaw development aid, urging the Taliban to respect human rights, especially those of women.

“The German government could encourage its businessmen to come and invest in our country,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in an interview with Bild published today, Reuters reported, citing Reuters.

The Taliban could pave the way for investment and guarantee the security of companies, he said.

“The next government will be based on a friendly relationship with Germany”

Germany has maintained close ties with Afghanistan in the past and after the fall of the first Taliban government in 2001 he held a conference in Bonn aimed at laying the foundations for a democratic Afghanistan.

The hardline Islamist organization sought to present a more moderate person this time.

“We want to revive the friendly atmosphere between Afghans and Germans. “The next government will be based on a friendly relationship with Germany,” Mujahid said.

“We would like Germany to support us in the humanitarian field and we need help in the field of healthcare, education and infrastructure,” he added. He also said it would be a “great pleasure” for the Taliban to receive Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is expected to step down from her country’s leadership, on a visit to Afghanistan.

German citizens living in the country and Afghans who have worked with Germany in the past should not be afraid of the Taliban and there will be no problems, Mujahid said. Those wishing to leave the country should follow the legal path, he added.

The German military helped evacuate more than 5,000 people from Kabul airport in late August, but thousands of former staff members and their families are still in Afghanistan. Berlin has promised to remove them.

Her appointed ambassador Germany in Kabul Marcus Pogzel is in talks with the Taliban in Doha to secure a safe passage for them.

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