Afghanistan: Two dead and 22 injured the toll of the new bomb attack in Kabul

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Two people were killed and 22 wounded in a bomb blast in a Shiite district of Kabul, a day after a similar attack killed eight, Afghan police said.

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The Islamic State organization claimed responsibility for the attack, which also claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack.

Today, the bomb was hidden in a vase placed on the edge of a pedestrian street in a Shiite district of western Kabul, according to a police spokesman in the Afghan capital.

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The attacks come as the Shia community prepares to celebrate Ashura, an important religious holiday during which worshipers gather at mosques and perform litanies.

The Shia community, which consists mainly of the Hazara community, represents 10% to 20% of the Afghan population and is under persecution in this predominantly Sunni country.

The number of attacks has declined in Afghanistan since the Taliban seized power a year ago, but a series of deadly bombings that killed dozens of people hit Afghanistan at the end of April, during the month of Ramadan, and in end of May.

As with the last two attacks, most have been claimed by the Islamic State group, which mainly targets the Shia minority, Sufis and Sikhs. The Islamic State considers Shiites heretics.

The Taliban insist they have defeated Islamic State in Afghanistan, but analysts see the Sunni extremist group as the main security problem for the new Afghan government.

Source: News Beast

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