Afghanistan: Washington Concerned Over Rising Islamic State Attacks in Khorasan

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Their concern USA to increase his attacks Islamic State in Khorasan (IKH) – arm of the jihadist organization in Afghanistan Al Qaeda’s continued presence in the country was voiced by Deputy Special Representative for the Reconciliation of Afghanistan at the US State Department Tom West.

The official also expressed concern that winter likely to complicate departures from the country of Afghans, former collaborators of US forces wishing to leave Afghanistan, as Kabul Airport is still not fully operational.

Speaking to reporters about Washington talks with them Taliban after Mrs.seizure of power by the Islamist movement in August Following the withdrawal of US troops, West said the United States was preparing for the next round of talks with the Taliban in Doha, but did not give an exact date.

As winter approaches, the already impoverished state of south-central Asia emerges from a total war and is heading for a humanitarian crisis, as millions of people face an increasingly wide range of hunger amid rapidly rising food prices, drought and a collapsing economy fueled by a lack of fluidity.

The Taliban, according to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, are also facing increasing attacks from their ideological enemy, the IKH.

West said Washington was “concerned about the escalation of IKH attacks and we want the Taliban to succeed in the fight against them.” In the case of other (armed) organizations, see, h Al Qaeda he continues to be present there and we are very worried about that. ” “Al Qaeda’s presence” is an issue that is of constant concern to us in our dialogue with the Taliban, “he said.

US officials believe that the Islamic State in Khorasan could develop the ability to launch attacks outside Afghanistan within six to 12 months and that al Qaeda could do the same within one to two years.

In addition, West stressed that Washington is not currently seriously considering reopening the embassy of in Kabul and wants to see the Taliban show that they are behaving responsibly before the US considers this option. “We want to see a responsible and predictable behavior on the part of the Taliban that is ongoing,” before “considering our options on the diplomatic front,” he explained.

The The United States, like the rest of the international community, have not recognized the government formed by the Islamists after seizing power.

Among the US demands, before considering any diplomatic action against the Taliban, are respect for human rights, especially for women, the fight against “terrorist organizations” and the possibility for Americans and Afghans who have collaborated with US forces. They have been in Afghanistan for 20 years and are now afraid of retaliation, to leave the country unhindered.

On this last point, Thomas West said that the Taliban “in general have kept their commitment” in recent weeks.

“It is doubtful whether the airport will remain open in winter”

The “real challenge” is in fact “logistical support”, “especially as we enter the winter months”, he warned.

In this case, at Kabul Airport, “Some special commercial flights have resumed but are only operated during the day, in an irregular manner,” with great financial and operational risks to the airlines, “the US officials said.

“Many runway lights do not work and it is not certain that there is a possibility that the airport will remain in operation during the winter,” he added.

“We want a quick resumption” of regular international flights, “but that also requires the Taliban to make progress with potential partners” in managing the airport, West insisted.

Discussions with Qatar and Turkey on this issue have not led to a substantive solution.

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