Afghanistan: Wood on Taliban Journalists – Women Not Allowed to Cover Women’s Demonstration

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The Taliban have beaten several journalists in order to prevent them from covering one women demonstration which took place today, Thursday (21/10) in the center of its capital Afghanistan, Kabul.

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More specifically, one group of 20 women managed to protest in the center of the Afghan capital for more than an hour and a half to defend their right to be educated and to work without being arrested or beaten by the Taliban present at the scene. Dressed in colorful scarves, coats and trousers, the protesters shouted “unemployment, poverty, hunger” and “we want to work”, and demanded that the schools for girls be reopened.

The protesters, who were surrounded by Taliban security forces, were holding A4 paper glues where they had written “we have no right to work”.

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The previous demonstration of women in Afghanistan, which took place on September 30, was disbanded by the Taliban a few minutes after it began, according to the ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ. In today’s demonstration, the Taliban prevented journalists from approaching women, photographing or videotaping their protest. One of the journalists present at the scene accepted blows from the handle of a weapon, while the Taliban they started kicking him to get away from the spot and one of them threatened him.

Some of the Taliban were holding AK-47 or M-16 rifles. The women were not physically assaulted during the march, but the Taliban repeatedly tried to quell the protest, although they did not make any arrests.

Eventually the women decided to end their protest on their own, one of the organizers told AFP. “This is the situation: the Taliban respect nothing, neither the journalists – foreigners or locals – nor the women,” said Zahra Mohammadi, one of the organizers of the rally.

“My message to all the girls in the country is’ do not be afraid of the Taliban and even if your family does not let you leave the house, do not be afraid, go out, come, make sacrifices, fight for your rights. “You have to do it to change things for the next generation,” she said.

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