After a fine-tooth comb, 21% of 900,000 truck drivers should receive government aid

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The aid for truck drivers starts to be paid from next Tuesday (9). Payments should have started in July, only in this first month, it will accumulate in R$ 2,000. Starting in September, the amount will be R$ 1,000.

The federal government estimated that it would pay the benefit to about 900,000 self-employed cargo carriers, but CNN learned from government sources that after the fine-tooth comb carried out in the category registration, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare reached the number of 190,000 truck drivers. eligible to receive the benefit.

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The register of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) has 900 thousand truck drivers. Of these, only 600,000 are in an active situation and, with the crossing of data taking into account the criteria for receiving the benefit from the Government, the number of 190 thousand truck drivers able to receive the first two installments was reached, which represents 21 % of the total amount.

The other 410,000 will not receive due to having become ineligible.

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Information such as expired national driver’s license (CNH) was analyzed, prisoners in closed regime, truck drivers who receive social security benefit for permanent disability, for example.

Caixa Econômica announced this Friday (5) the payment schedule for temporary aid for truck drivers and taxi drivers, starting this month. Lasting for six months, the benefit aims to reduce the damage caused by the increase in fuel consumption.

To receive the Good Truck Driver, autonomous cargo carriers will have to be registered in the National Registry of Road Cargo Carriers by May 31, 2022. Drivers must have their CNH and CPF without restrictions. Every month a new review and update will be carried out, which can make the recipient no longer have access to the benefit and vice versa.

Source: CNN Brasil

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