After abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception will be targeted, Biden warns

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The US Supreme Court’s draft ruling marking the revocation of the right to abortion at the federal level and leaked to the media this month could mean that other rights, such as same-sex marriage or this, will be sought in the future. of access to contraceptives, warned US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, during a campaign to raise funds for the Democrats, his party.

“Note my words: they will oppose (…) the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage,” Biden told donors, adding that access to contraception could also be targeted very soon. of the conservative majority of the body.

“You will see these decisions being called into question and the United States being further divided. We will be confronted with things that should not be challenged,” he continued.

Last week, Biden called on American voters to protect the right to abortion by choosing candidates who pledged to support it in November, following press reports that the Supreme Court was about to overturn the 1973 ruling that nationally.


Source: Capital

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