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After attack on Bar Brahma, City Hall wants to close avenue to cars on Sundays

After the recent attack on Bar Brahma, located on the famous corner between Avenidas Ipiranga and São João, São Paulo City Hall is considering closing Avenida São João to cars on Sundays and holidays.

The project by the Municipal Department of Urbanism and Licensing (SMUL) intends to include the road in the Open Streets program.

This program already exists in the Center and São Paulo in two locations. On Avenida Paulista, along its entire length, and on some roads in the Liberdade neighborhood.

The recently presented project comprises the section that begins at the access to the Presidente João Goulart elevation, the Minhocão, and ends in the Anhangabaú Valley.

The proposal was formulated by the Associação Pró-Centro SP and aims to stimulate tourism and local commerce in the area, which has been losing flow due to insecurity in the central region of the city.

An online public consultation will soon be made available by City Hall. After the deadline for responses has passed, residents’ opinions will be taken into consideration for possible inclusion of the section in the program.

The case

The famous Bar Brahma, located for 75 years on the corner of Avenida Ipiranga and Avenida São João, was the target of attacks and vandalism last Sunday afternoon (3). In the video, which went viral on social media, it is possible to see at least ten men throwing stones and objects at the establishment, breaking windows and overturning tables.

One of them throws a cone, which gets stuck in the bar door. A car parked in front of the restaurant was also attacked and its windows were broken.

According to information from the Public Security Secretariat, the Military Police were called to the scene after an attempted robbery, where the victim reacted and immobilized the criminal. The other criminals in the gang then began the attack until the detained man was released.

What the Public Security Secretariat says

The São Paulo Security Secretariat said it reinforced policing in the region at the beginning of 2023 and that more than 5,000 criminals were arrested in the city center this year alone.

See the complete positioning of the folder:

“The central region is one of the SSP’s priorities, and since the beginning of the year policing has been reinforced with 120 military police officers who work daily in Operation Impacto-Centro, with Operation Rescue and AC35 of the Civil Police and with delegated activity.

In addition, since September, the SSP has started to monitor offenders released in custody hearings in the Capital and signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Judiciary that will facilitate the identification and communication, by police officers to the Judiciary, of criminals who fail to comply. the conditions of penalties or alternative measures on the streets of the State.

Since July, more than 250 cases have been identified and reported to the Judiciary in the central region. This reinforcement resulted in an increase in arrests and seizures this year compared to last year.

From January to October this year, the police arrested 5,455 criminals in the central region (an increase of 28%), seized 114 firearms (an increase of 39%) and 1.5 tons of drugs (an increase of 244%).

In relation to crimes committed, the increase in police actions and presence resulted in the reversal of consecutive increases in 2022 to drops in robberies and thefts since April this year. Across the central region, the 6% drop in robberies and 15% in robberies since April resulted in 4,856 fewer victims of robberies and robberies when compared to crimes recorded in the same period last year.”

*Under the supervision of Bruno Laforé

Source: CNN Brasil

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