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After being run over in a “racha”, victim’s lawyer will try to charge him with attempted murder

Lawyer Natália Soares, who represents Maria Graciete, the young woman who had her leg amputated after being hit by a luxury car in an alleged “race” in São Paulo, told CNN who will seek charges of attempted murder.

According to Soares, Maria Graciete is recovering well, although still emotionally shaken. She left the ICU and is now in the ward at the Barueri Municipal Hospital.

Serious accident

The accident occurred when Maria was on the back of an app motorcycle. According to the lawyer, she was hit by a luxury car just seconds after getting on the motorcycle.

“She ordered an Uber motorcycle and, as soon as she got on the motorcycle, I believe it didn't even take five seconds, she was already hit,” reported Soares.

The victim was conscious throughout the accident and was the one who asked her work friends for help. The images of the accident show the two luxury cars traveling at high speed on the same track, which, according to the lawyer, indicates that they were carrying out a “racing”.

Ongoing investigations

Soares said that, although the two drivers denied the practice of racing in their statements, this is a thesis that she does not believe. “We, those who are from the region, know that it is a very constant possibility in the region,” she said.

The lawyer also said that she plans to contribute to the investigations so that the case can be resolved fairly. In addition to the charge of serious bodily injury, she seeks the characterization of attempted murder.

“What we are looking for, in fact, is attempted murder. This is essential for the defense of the victim”, declared Soares.

Source: CNN Brasil

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