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After blackouts, Enel prepares emergency plan for storms

Starting this Friday (17), high temperatures are expected to increase storms across the state of São Paulo, according to forecasts from the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet). Civil Defense warns of the possibility of rain showers, with lightning, hail and winds of up to 100 km/h.

Following the occurrence of failures in the electricity supply in the city of São Paulo, due to storms, the company responsible for supplying electricity in the city, Enel, reported that it had prepared additional measures that will be incorporated this weekend — due to the forecast of rain. The emergency plan for this weekend foresees the reinforcement and maximum and early mobilization of the number of technicians in the field.

Emergency plan

Enel plans to offer a channel via message (SMS) for cell phones registered on its base. “The channel will serve as a warning about the approach of heavy rain and will allow people to register power outages via message and also access the direct link to the company’s website”, he informs.

The company advises customers to use digital channels to speed up service on rainy days with a high volume of incidents.

Last Wednesday (15), it was the second power outage in São Paulo, just this month, after heavy rains. On November 3, almost 2.1 million people were left without electricity across the state. On that date, Enel took around a week to normalize the service for all customers.

Enel CPI

At the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (Alesp), Tuesday (21), meetings of the Enel Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) will resume, which aims to investigate possible irregularities and abusive practices committed by the company in the provision of services.

The investigation highlights the period from 2018 to 2023, with regard to: power outages, collection of amounts, operational performance, support for consumers and city halls, execution of the social tariff, signed contracts, execution of investments and planned works and status conservation of the infrastructure and energy distribution network.

At last Thursday’s meeting (16), at the CPI, the president of Enel Brasil, Nicola Cotugno, highlighted the emergency reinforcement and predicted new power outages this weekend.

(*Under the supervision of Márcia Barros)

Source: CNN Brasil

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