After Bolsonaro’s vetoes were overturned, Saúde launches program for menstrual health

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The Ministry of Health announced this Wednesday (23) that it will finance the distribution of pads to students, women in vulnerable situations or detainees. The measure complies with what is provided for in Bill (PL) 4968, of 2019.

The text was approved by Congress in August last year and even had excerpts vetoed by President Bolsonaro. The argument was that the distribution of pads to low-income students was contrary to the public interest because there was no “compatibility with the autonomy of educational networks and establishments”.

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The vetoes, however, ended up overturned by parliamentarians in March of this year. Eight months later, comes the launch of the Menstrual Health Protection and Promotion Program.

“President Bolsonaro could not sanction the law, because you cannot sanction a law that does not say where the money comes from. I have to say here not to say that we are lying, this government is not committed to lying”, said the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga.

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In all, R$ 23 million will be allocated for the distribution of sanitary pads later this year and R$ 140 million in 2023. The amounts will be passed on to states and municipalities, which will be responsible for logistics. Basic Health Units (UBS) and public schools should be the places chosen for this distribution.

There are 4 million potential beneficiaries spread across all Brazilian municipalities. I am very happy with this commitment to also reach women in situations of social vulnerability, those on the streets, riverside women. We like to say that this is the menstrual dignity package, it is not menstrual poverty, but menstrual dignity, said Cristiane Britto, Minister of Women and Human Rights.

*Intern under the supervision of Maria Mazzei

Source: CNN Brasil

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