After breaking up with her ex, Charli D’Amelio has decided that she will no longer talk about her private life

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The break between Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson took place in a not exactly peaceful way. When the two broke up, after a year spent together, they followed the whole manual of the dysfunctional break up to the letter: first he who shows up with someone else, she who sends him digs on Instagram, he who replies on Twitter and finally, she putting an end to all this controversy with not-so-edifying comments about him.

Now, after some time, the most followed tiktoker in the world returns to reflect on those days and describes what happened to her as “embarrassing” and “extremely sad”. In fact, managing this break-up publicly has taught her a lot about how she will behave in an upcoming relationship: “I will no longer fight with anyone online, nor will I send digs. It is useless. I understand that I have to create limits on what I can share with all my followers. I’m sure they’ll never see what happened before again. ‘

Charli, obviously, it mostly refers to some private details that she herself shared in order to hit the ex-boyfriend. In fact, after some photos of Lil’ Huddy (stage name of Chase Hudson) while kissing another girl, the younger sister of Dixie shared a photo Instagram in costume with an unmistakable caption: you loss! From that moment on the boy had to defend himself from a rain of criticism and explain that there had been no betrayal, but that he and Charli they had already been on hiatus for a while. Answer by Charli? She said that he had looked for her after that kiss begging her to get back together, but he hadn’t told anything about the other girl, completely betraying her trust. The conversation ended with her calling him a liar and traitor.

However, now the tiktoker has regretted what she did and, as she told in an episode of the family reality show, The D’Amelio Show, now she is willing to recover the relationship with her ex: “It was a very important chapter in my life and still is one of the people I feel closest to, to whom I know I can talk about everything. I would like us to be friends again as before ». We do not know if this wish has become reality, but we are sure of one thing: this friendship will certainly remain private, away from the spotlight and social networks.

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