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After breaking up with Wanessa, Dado Dolabella sings a song about “broken heart”

After Wanessa Camargo confirm the end of the relationship with the actor and singer Dolabella Data the artist appeared on social media singing songs that talk about “destiny” It is “heartbroken”.

On his Instagram story, Dado Dolabella opened a “question box” for followers to send him song suggestions for him to sing. So far, the singer has played the guitar and sang his songs “destino” and “Tá Escrito”, the latter being about a broken heart.

On Sunday (17), Wanessa Camargo opened her heart in an interview with Fantástico, speaking openly about her controversial expulsion from BBB 24 after an attack on her fellow prisoner, Davi Brito, and also about the buzz that already surrounded her relationship with the actor. , 43 years old.

“We ended the relationship. I have great affection for everything I've experienced. Right now I need to look at myself, my children and my work. We never stop liking it.”

“I still have a feeling, of course, but when we realize that we need, in this place now, to look at ourselves first. And I need to love and welcome myself first now,'' she told reporter Renata Ceribelli.

Source: CNN Brasil

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