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After dismissal from the franchise, Melissa Barrera gives her opinion on the ending of “Scream 6”

In a new interview, the actress Melissa Barrera commented on the outcome of his character in “Scream 6”. The artist participated in the last two films of the horror franchise released and ended up being fired before the third, “Scream 7” , began to be produced. According to her, “you need to move forward instead of regretting”.

Talking to the vehicle Collider, Melissa Barrera commented on the ending that the character ended up having, with her dismissal. The actress would continue to star in the third film in the new generation of the franchise, but was fired after publishing about the confrontation between Israel and Palestine.

“I consider the outcome of [Pânico 6] quite satisfactory, so I don’t feel like I was left halfway,” Melissa highlighted. “On the contrary, I believe the fans were eager for a third film to continue that narrative line, although apparently the initial plan was a trilogy, even though I was only signed on for two films,” she declared.

“So I made my two films, and I'm fine with that. Having participated in two is already more than most people manage. When you're on a TV show and it gets cancelled, you have to move on instead of mourning. This is the dynamic of our industry; I'm excited about the next job, eager to take on the next role. It’s exciting to create a different character”, he added.

In April, a new horror by Melissa Barrera opens in theaters. Entitled “Abigail” the new film from Universal Pictures also has the directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin It is Tyler Gillett from films 5 and 6 of the horror saga, taking over the direction of the new production, and actor Angus Cloud (“Euphoria”), who passed away in 2023, in the cast.

Source: CNN Brasil

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