After Disney+, Vodafone aspires to strike a deal with HBO Max

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Pay TV is increasingly penetrating Greek households. We may not be the Netherlands and France, in which pay TV has penetrated 195.3% and 190.5% of households, however, the trend is upward in Greece as well.

Specifically, in Greece, TV subscribers are expected to reach 1.786 million this year, achieving a penetration of 42%, compared to 39.7% in 2021.

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In general, providers are “divided” into two “groups”: Those that invest in sports content (COSMOTE TV, NOVA) and those that invest in entertainment content of all ages (Vodafone TV, Netflix, Disney+, etc.) .).

Vodafone’s actions to add content

Vodafone TV recently announced its new program, of which the launch of Disney+ original content stands out (Vodafone and Disney currently have an exclusive partnership in Greece).

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With the addition of Disney+, Vodafone TV makes it clear that it is focused on general entertainment content and indeed, as everything indicates, the company will proceed, in 2023, to the next “big” step: The conclusion of an exclusive partnership with HBO Max.

Currently, the company and on the occasion of the addition of Disney+, announced that Vodafone TV starts at 6.30 euros per month (without decoder and without commitment) and 8.50 euros (with decoder and 12-month or 24-month commitment) or completely free with Vodafone’s Triple Play FIBER 100 and 200 plans and access to Disney+ content.

According to estimates by telecoms market analysts, Vodafone TV subscribers number between 140,000 and 150,000, with the company claiming that, at the end of March, fixed-line customers stood at 972,000.

The comparison of Greece with the rest of Europe

According to a recent study by the research company Omdia Technology, the connections of subscription platforms in Greece (Cosmote TV, Nova, Vodafone TV, but also of foreign platforms, such as Netflix) and without counting their sharing (unique users) are predicted to be formed this year to 1.786 million, achieving 42% penetration.

Accordingly, in 2021, the Greek market is estimated to have closed with 1.683 million connections, achieving a penetration of 39.7% and in 2020 with 1.570 million connections, achieving a penetration of 37.1%.

The use of subscription platforms (many subscribers are connected to more than one platform) is extremely widespread in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

In neighboring Italy, Omdia Technology estimates that penetration will rise this year to 79.2%, in the Czech Republic to 74.5%, in Bulgaria to 85.1% and in Croatia to 83.4%.

On the other hand, if strong inflationary pressures continue, market analysts estimate that pay-TV penetration may slow.

Fotis Foteinos

Source: Capital

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