After elections, Brazilian assets may have a new leap, says former BC director

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In an interview with CNN this Monday (3), the former director of the Central Bank (BC) and partner at Mauá Capital, Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, evaluated that, after the results of the elections, Brazilian assets may have a new leap in the market.

“I think it is possible that we are facing an environment that improves over time and, after the election, we have a new jump in Brazilian assets”, he said.

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Figueiredo’s assessment comes after the result of the first round, which confirmed the dispute between former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

Investors welcomed the end of the first round, with a more conservative Congress elected, bringing relief to the Brazilian financial market, to be able to counterbalance possible measures that would be considered harmful to the economy.

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The former director of the BC says that this Sunday’s results (2) were “surprising” and showed the “strength of Bolsonarism” and a new design of Congress. According to him, if former president Lula wins the race in the second round, he will have to work more at the center.

“Bolsonaro is in the running, but even if he doesn’t win, Lula will have to work much more with the center. So he [Lula] he will have to make a government of the center if he wants to make an agenda and advance together with Congress. Which is very good for the country, which means fiscal responsibility, a more central agenda for a country that is more central,” he said.

(Text published by Pedro Zanatta)

See more in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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