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After ICMS reduction, gasoline drops 5.46% and is sold at R$ 7.15, says Ticket Log

Data from the Ticket Log Price Index (IPTL) indicate that, after the reduction of the ICMS rate, the price of a liter of gasoline dropped by 5.46% at the country’s supply pumps, compared to the average at the end of June.

In the first days of July, the fuel was sold per liter at an average price of R$ 7.15.

Ethanol has also become cheaper for Brazilian drivers and, with a drop of 4.39%, the average price of a liter of fuel is R$5.74 at the beginning of the month.

All regions showed a drop in the price of gasoline, and the most expressive one was registered in the Center-West (9.42%), where the fuel cost R$ 6.82.

However, the lowest average price for gasoline was identified in the South Region, at R$ 6.68, with a reduction of 7.11%.

As for gasoline, the Midwest had the greatest reduction in the price of ethanol (8.82%), sold at R$4.95. The region also recorded the lowest average in the country for fuel.

“IPTL identified that all Brazilian states recorded declines in the price of gasoline at the beginning of the month, which ranged from 1.91%, like Paraíba, to 14.24%, as is the case of Goiás”, highlights Douglas Pina, General Director of Mainstream of the Fleet and Mobility Division of Edenred Brasil.

São Paulo is the state with the cheapest gasoline in the entire national territory, sold at R$ 6.36, with a drop of 8.99% in price after tax reduction. The highest average continues to be that of Piauí (R$ 7.82).

The most significant reduction for ethanol was identified at gas stations in Mato Grosso (10.72%), which went from R$5.03 to R$4.49.

However, as for gasoline, the lowest average for ethanol was found at gas stations in São Paulo at R$4.36; and the highest price per liter was registered in Pará at R$ 6.74.

“As at the end of June, ethanol continues to be the most advantageous option only for drivers in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul and now for those in Piauí and Paraná as well”, concludes Pina. .

The IPTL is an index of fuel prices based on supplies made at Ticket Log’s 21,000 accredited service stations, which manage 1 million vehicles, with an average of eight transactions per second.

Source: CNN Brasil

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