After Ômicron, we may have months of low virus circulation, says infectologist

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The president of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases, Alberto Chebabo, sees the 2022 pandemic scenario with optimism, once the wave of Covid-19 cases due to the Ômicron variant is overcome.

In an interview with CNN Radio, he stressed that the pandemic is “in full expansion in Brazil”, following what is happening around the world. “Where the new strain settles, it causes a dizzying increase in cases.”

Even so, the infectologist believes that at least São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro should reach a peak this week or next. “In February, the number of infections should start to fall and in the rest of the country, following this model, with a delay of a week or two.”

According to Chebabo, the country can reach a satisfactory level of “hybrid immunity”, with the high number of vaccinated and recovered after natural infection.

“It is possible that we have up to 6 months of low circulation of the SARS-COV-2 virus even with new variants. We can see that vaccination was able to stop the serious cases and the need for hospitalization.”

He added: “90% of serious cases in hospitals are unvaccinated.”

The infectologist also defended the need to update vaccines. “We need new and better formulas, prepared to face these new variants. Industries are developing so that we can reduce the chance of infection and not just serious illness.”


Reference: CNN Brasil

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