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After rains, Franco da Rocha mayor rules out opening dam floodgates

At least 24 people died as a result of heavy rains that hit the state of São Paulo this weekend.

Franco da Rocha, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, was one of the main affected municipalities. So far, eight deaths have been confirmed in the city.

In an interview with CNNthe mayor of Franco de Rocha, Nivaldo Santos (PSDB), updated the situation in the municipality.

“Fortunately, the rains stopped, we had a dawn without rain, also this morning a very fine drizzle, without great consequences for filling the dam. So, at this point, that possibility of opening the floodgates is away,” she said.

Shortly after the mayor spoke to the CNNthree more deaths were confirmed in the municipality.

The firefighters’ search continues at the place where the most serious landslide occurred – and all the deaths – on São Carlos Street, in Parque Paulista.

“We still work with the possibility of finding people alive. So, as long as there is this possibility, the work continues like this, manual”, reported Santos.

According to the mayor, the city has 18 people, from six families, housed in shelters. There are still more than 200 families being served with basic items such as mattresses and food.

Santos explained that the rains usually affect the city because of its natural formation. “Our city is a valley, the central area, surrounded by hills,” he said.

He added that such areas are permanently monitored, especially in the rainy season.

Source: CNN Brasil

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