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After receiving hospitalization, Tony Ramos says he was never afraid of death

After passing through emergency brain surgery the actor Tony Ramos 75, stated this Sunday (26) that he never felt afraid of death.

“Even with all this, fear of leaving, no [tive]. This man… This man is a man of strength”, he declared in an interview with the Fantástico program, on TV Globo.

The artist was taken to the Samaritano Botafogo hospital on May 16th because of a bleed in the brain. He was discharged last Thursday (24) after undergoing two surgeries.

The first procedure took place on the day of admission and aimed to drain a clot and stop intracranial bleeding. The other surgery took place on the 19th.

The artist showed good results and is recovering well. Last Thursday (23), he was already walking and started physiotherapy treatment. According to a medical bulletin released at the time, the actor is in “full recovery”.

Tony Ramos completed 60 years of career in 2024. He was performing in the show “O Que Só Sabe Juntos”, with actress Denize Fraga and directed by Luiz Villaça.

The play will run again from the 5th to the 28th of July at Teatro Tuca, in Perdizes, in the west of São Paulo. Ticket sales are already sold out.

In the interview with Fantástico, the actor stated that “What We Only Know Together” is the play of his life.

*Text with information from Maria Clara Alcântara, from CNN in Sao Paulo

Source: CNN Brasil

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