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After saying that he “doesn’t like poor people”, Chiquinho Scarpa publishes a retraction

The entrepreneur Chiquinho Scarpa used social media this Friday (7), to publish a “retraction” after saying that “doesn’t like poor people”, during his participation in the Festa da Firma podcast. According to him, he was just playing a “character”.

“Dear friends, I share with you the official note! The podcast is a humor program, where there are representations. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and interpretations of the ‘character’ I played during the interview. . I never made distinctions between people, I always treated everyone with great respect! I’ve had a public life for years and anyone who knows me knows!”, he wrote on his Instagram profile.

By participating in the comedian’s podcast Wellington Muniz, Known as Ceará, Chiquinho said he had never attended the wake of a person with limited financial resources. “You’ll forgive me, but I never went,” he assured.

“I don’t like poor people, wakes are fine”, he added.

Trying to get around the millionaire’s controversial speech, Ceará said he didn’t like poverty, since no one chooses to be born poor.

“The poor always have something to ask for, if you ask. The worst thing is when you arrive and ask: ‘How are you?’. Then, you’re toast, because he starts ‘my mother is sick, my father lost his leg, my daughter lost her tooth’, they spend half an hour distilling all the problems”, complained the businessman.

See the statement:

Chiquinho Scarpa is 72 years old and has a million-dollar inheritance. He holds a decorative title of count due to his family’s presence in Italy.

With information from Aline Oliveira, from CNN.

Source: CNN Brasil

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