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After threats, repatriated from Gaza asks the Ministry of Justice for an escort

Brazilian-Palestinian Hasan Rabee, who became known for showing the conflict in the Gaza Strip in videos, asked the Ministry of Justice and Public Security for a police escort for him, his wife and two daughters aged three and years old.

“If I had stayed in Gaza with my family, it would have been better than all this,” Hasan told CNN this Friday (17). Given the situation, he states that he is thinking about moving to another country.

Along with the request for an escort, Hasan’s defense attached the threats recorded in messages on social media. There are more than 200, according to the CNN .

For the most part, Hasan is bullied and called a terrorist. There are also many mentions of the fact that Hasan appeared alongside President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

“Considering the urgency of the situation and which justifies the immediate analysis of the following requests: 1. Availability of escort for the RABEE family until the perpetrators of the offenses are identified and duly prosecuted; 2. In the last week of November 2023, a meeting will be scheduled between HASAN’s lawyer and the Federal Police team”, says the document sent to Minister Flávio Dino.

Human rights

In addition to this request to the Ministry of Justice, Hasan’s defense had already requested that the repatriated family be included in the Human Rights Defenders Protection program of the Ministry of Human Rights.

“Hate speeches are repeated. We ask for the protection of human rights defenders because, during the conflict, through the videos, he took up this fight not only for himself, but for other people”, says Talita Camargo Fonseca.

A CNN , the lawyer stated that she is also preparing a petition to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to escort Hasan and his family. “We will also go to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security about this situation and ask for an escort if necessary. Today, they are haters; tomorrow, I don’t know what could happen”, she pointed out.

The lawyer has also compiled all the threats received by Hasan on social media and will file a police report.

“There are crimes of persecution, xenophobia, racial slurs, insults and threats. All this in a considerable volume. If before he suffered psychological and physical violence during the war, this violence continues, because he has his mother and sisters in Gaza and has been receiving threats here,” said Talita.

In a statement, the National Secretariat of Justice of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security stated that “the allegations are being investigated and will be forwarded to the Federal Police (PF) for investigation”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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