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Against 17.5 million euros, STASY’s 9-year agreement with Cosmote – Vodafone – Wind for free Wi-Fi in the metro

In an important agreement for the upgrade of the services provided to the passenger public, STASY proceeded with the companies Cosmote and Vantage Towers Greece Hellas (it is the joint company of Vodafone – Wind that manages the mobile antennas).

An agreement was signed between the three parties involved to provide free wi-fi throughout the metro network.

According to information from the telecommunications market, this is a 9-year agreement, from which STASY is going to collect about 17.5 million euros.

In fact, the first tests are expected at Ellinikos station and the immediately preceding stations in November. The project completion horizon was set at 2.5 years.

The use of wi-fi on the subway lines is a long-standing request of STASY passengers, who – in several parts of the network – are unable to “surf” the internet using data or even conduct telephone conversations.

At the same time, it became known that the Ministry of Digital Governance has included, in a different project (WiFi4GR), the docks of some central metro stations in the places where wi-fi access points will be installed.

Therefore, with the implementation of the above two projects, metro passengers will be able to “surf” for free on the wires and in some metro stations.

Fotis Foteinos

Source: Capital

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