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Agatha Christie: Bronze statue of the famous English meter of mystery in the city where she lived for 42 years

The unveiling of her bronze statue Agatha Christie took place in the town where the author lived for more than 40 years on the outskirts of Wallingford, in the county of Oxfordshire, England, according to the BBC.

The statue and the inspiration

The statue depicts Agatha Christie sitting on a bench overlooking the cultural centre, Kine Croft, as if drawing inspiration for her next novel. The statue and bench were placed against the backdrop of Wallingford Museum, which houses a permanent exhibition about the author and her time in the area, while her grandson Matthew Pritchard unveiled the statue.

Judy Dewey, the museum’s curator, said the town of Wallingford was a special place for Agatha Christie, as it was where she and her second husband, Max Mallowan, had privacy.

“She was only introduced to the townspeople as ‘Mrs Mallowan – not everyone knew she was Agatha Christie,'” he explained.

The museum curator even said that she thinks the author would not want the statue. “I think he would hate it, to be perfectly honest,” he said.

“This is a secret that has now been revealed – that he was actually a resident of Wallingford for 42 years,” he added.

Source: News Beast

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