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'Agony' over ceasefire: 'I will not accept an agreement that includes an end to the war', says Netanyahu

Israeli media reports that Netanyahu made it clear to Anthony Blinken that if Hamas insists on ending the war, the deal will not be accepted and Israel will be forced to launch a military attack on Rafah. The two met today in Rafah, and according to the US State Department the clear US position on Rafah is to avoid an extension of the conflict. The US department also said Blinken spoke about the improvement in the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip after Netanyahu spoke with President Joe Biden earlier this month – but urged the Israeli prime minister to do more on the matter. . For his part, Netanyahu told the American Foreign Minister that he is not going to accept an agreement that would include ending the war. During their meeting which lasted about 2.5 hours, the Prime Minister of Israel made it clear to […]
Source: News Beast

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