Agro Connection: Cotton price rose more than 10% in May

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The price of cotton lint recorded high throughout the month of May, according to the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (Cepea). With that, the commodity came to renew the nominal record of the historical series at various times, with a high of 10%.

The average is the highest since April 2011, and is also 10% higher than in April this year and 36% higher than in May of last year. The support came, above all, from the position of sellers, who remained attentive to the next season’s crops.

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The cotton growers proved to be capitalized and with low availability of the plume, especially of superior quality, contributing to boost prices.

About the new crop, Cepea has already captured some negotiations in the state of São Paulo involving lots of the 2021/22 crop throughout May, in addition to the beginning of the harvest involving other states.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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