Agro Connection: La Ninã weather phenomenon may affect plantations until December

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The La Niña weather phenomenon, which affects global temperatures and exacerbates droughts and floods, could last until the end of this year. The information is from the United Nations (UN), based on a bulletin from the World Meteorological Organization.

This month the first sowings begin after the end of the sanitary void. Therefore, the rural producer keeps an eye on the weather and the forecast of rains.

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Mamedes Luiz Melo, meteorologist at the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) of the Federal District, commented on the expectation for the forecasts.

“For the coming months until the end of the year, the perspective is for good rain, within the average, and even above average in this large central area of ​​Brazil, including the North region. Unfortunately, for the South region, there is a great decrease in rainfall or a large reduction in rainfall in a large part of the region”, said Melo.

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“In agribusiness it can have some impact, yes. These rains in the South, where plants need more rain, water for their development, can be harmed. But not everything is lost. There is a prospect of a super good crop this year and for 2023 in much of Brazil.”

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Source: CNN Brasil

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