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“Agyrtis”, “unbalanced”: Trump and Biden continue the pre-election exchange of … compliments

Donald Trump once again called Joe Biden a “scumbag” yesterday Saturday in Texas, addressing the most dedicated supporters of gun ownership, while the Democratic incumbent president of the United States reprimanded his Republican predecessor and opponent in the November 5 election as ” unbalanced” in Georgia, where he continues to campaign in hopes of mobilizing African-American voters. Between two hearings of his criminal trial in New York, the former president (2017-2021) and Republican candidate made a campaign appearance with an audience of the most hard-line supporters of the right to own a gun, guaranteed by the second amendment of the US Constitution. In Dallas, Texas (south), Mr. Trump secured the support of the NRA (National Rifle Association) at its annual conference. Either way, the powerful gun lobby and the billionaire, 77, have long had a privileged relationship; the NRA poured tens of millions of dollars into the alt-right candidate's victorious 2016 campaign. […]
Source: News Beast

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