Ahtsioglu on budget: ‘Government uncorrected, now becoming dangerous’

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“The State Budget 2022 that was submitted today testifies that the government is not just incorrigible, but has become dangerous”, says in a statement the head of Finance of SYRIZA, Efi Ahtsioglou, commenting on the draft budget submitted and notes:

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“At a time when the pandemic is completely out of control and precision is sweeping workers, small and medium-sized enterprises and households, the government:

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– Cuts 820 million from the regular Health Budget. In fact, it removes 280 million from public hospitals, while by 600 million it cuts health and emergency costs for the pandemic.

– Reduces by 1.7 billion the social expenses for welfare, support of the unemployed and health benefits, while keeping the minimum wage fixed, and imposes unpaid work.

– It does not provide for a new measure to protect households and businesses from price increases.

– Turns accuracy into an opportunity to increase tax revenue: it envisions a 3.5 billion tax increase, of which 2.3 billion from indirect.

“It removes 12.3 billion from the real economy, cutting all support measures for workers, businesses and households.”

In closing, SYRIZA’s Finance Minister claims that “the government is finally celebrating a development that not only deepens inequalities, but is built on the rubble of the social majority.”


Source From: Capital

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