AIF: Extend the deadline of 27 May for the transmission of data to myDATA

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The extension of the deadline for the transmission of data on invoicing income, self-invoicing expenses and acquisition securities, which replaced the submission of consolidated statements of customers – suppliers (MYF), beyond May 27, 2022, requests, in a letter to the Governor of AADE, President of the Economic Chamber of Greece, Konstantinos Kollias.

According to the letter, after the posting of the method of transmission of subsidies – grants and the repayable advance payment of 2021, in combination with the problems of displaying the transmissions that have arisen with the Summary Book on the platform, and the transmission problems that exist from small companies with outdated IT programs, leads to the conclusion that timely transfer of revenue to the platform is impossible and impossible for businesses.

In addition, the following are noted: “with the ongoing cooperation that has been developed, through the OEE – AADE working group, our organization timely informed about the problem of the transfer of grants and grants and the repayable advance of 2021 to the myDATA digital platform and the the need to postpone the deadline for their transmission by the end of the year “.

The AIF proposes to give sufficient time by extending the above deadline in order for companies and accountants – tax experts to meet their increased obligations. At the same time, the deadline for submitting tax returns must be extended.

It is also noted the need to issue an extension of the amendment of Decision A.1138 / 12-6-2020 until the deadline for the transmission of revenues of the tax year 2021, in order to clarify issues related to the application of the provisions of Article 15A of N .4174 / 2013.

Finally, according to article 77 of L.4916 / 2022, articles 54 and 72 of L.4174 / 2013 were amended and from now on no fines will be imposed, in case of late submission of an amendment declaration of personal income tax, from which the additional tax amount resulting from payment in relation to the original declaration, is up to 100 euros.

The AIF proposes the extension of the specific provision to the legal entities, with a relevant suggestion of the Commander of AADE to the Minister for the completion of the above provision.


Source: Capital

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