AIF: Letter with 21 proposals for the better operation of EFKA and ‘Ergani’

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The President of the Economic Chamber of Greece, Konstantinos Kollias, sent a letter to the political leadership of the Ministry of Labor and to the Governor of EFKA, submitting 21 proposals for the better operation of EFKA and the Ergani information system.

The letter makes special reference and calls for the immediate solution of the problem faced by businessmen and accountants – tax experts. Specifically, after audits of the central system of EFKA, it was found that amounts were debited to the accounts of the companies, which have been repaid in the past and reappear as debts in the individual accounts. The impossibility of issuing insurance information results in entrepreneurs not being able to collect amounts that are entitled from the State, not being able to participate in staff subsidy programs, etc.

Among other things, the following are also suggested:


Simplification of the debt settlement process for the immediate issuance of insurance information.

Interconnection and updating of all debts of the Insurance Debt Collection Center (KEAO) with automatic data collection through interoperability and with other bodies.

Timely appearance of the monthly debts of the self-employed and not on the expiration date of the obligation, so that the delays do not end up in the KEAO and are settled late.

Arranging and displaying the real picture of the debts – liabilities and payments of the employers, so that the possibility of automatic adjustment is provided.

Immediate settlement of cases of parallel insurance of employees and the self-employed through the submission of a monthly DPA using a special code.

Possibility of paying insurance contributions of Unemployed and Employees through payment cards with immediate settlement of the amounts, in order to provide the immediate issuance of insurance information.

Immediate issuance of an EFKA decision on employee sickness applications, so that there are no difficulties in clearing payroll.

Integration of more employer obligations in digital processes and electronic services, such as:
-submission of a change of employee insurance card, change of employer details
-transfer of headquarters
-submission of unpaid licenses etc.
-change of manager in an existing company.

Extension of the submission of APD from January 2022 until March 15, 2022 due to problems identified during the process of submission and control of the files in connection with the operation of the new auxiliary TEKA fund. Any corrections of errors should not require the physical presence of accountants – tax experts in the Services of EFKA.


Immediate upgrade of the existing information system, in order to ensure its interoperability with the other platforms related to the requested data, such as Taxisnet, SEPENET and OAED.

The redesign or abolition of declaratory obligations that do not produce any effect, such as:
a) the abolition of the obligation of HR employers for unvaccinated employees and the abolition of the fines deriving from it, while the requested data exist in other applications, e.g. IDIKA.
b) the abolition of the obligation to submit the annual table E4 while maintaining it only in cases where insufficient information is provided. We point out the necessity of updating the table, in order to include all the cases of the legal schedule with the new provisions for its distribution that were established with the new Law 4808/2021.

The completion of the electronic submissions of all cases of recording a declaration of licenses, including that of unpaid leave with posting in the PS and simultaneous notification interoperably in the e-EFKA, as required by Law 4808/2021.

Providing the possibility of late submission to the PS for any declarative obligation with the parallel possibility of modifying the initial submission for correction of data, as required by the relevant provision of art. 75, Law 4808/2021, for the implementation of which instructions are expected.

Consolidation of all codes into one and only for the Labor Inspectorate, EFKA, OAED, according to the standards of the unique VAT number.

Source: Capital

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