‘Air battles’ between SKY express and Olympic Air for 28 barren airlines

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By Fotis Fotinos

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The big tender for the 28 barren air lines was announced by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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The maximum annual financial compensation payable amounts to EUR 18.184 million, excluding VAT.

It is the first time that all the barren lines are announced at the same time, something that became possible, after the continuous extensions they received, due to the pandemic.

The 28 lines, which will be assigned from February 1, 2023 to January 31, 2027, are as follows:

Athens – Astypalaia, Athens – Ikaria, Athens – Skiathos, Athens – Kythira, Athens – Karpathos, Athens – Paros, Athens – Zakynthos, Athens – Syros, Athens – Leros, Athens – Kalymnos, Athens – Skyros, Athens – Milos, Athens – Naxos, Athens – Sitia, Athens – Kozani – Kastoria, Thessaloniki – Samos, Thessaloniki – Chios, Thessaloniki – Corfu, Thessaloniki – Kalamata – Kythira, Thessaloniki – Skyros, Thessaloniki – Limnos – Ikaria, Rhodes – Karpathos – Kasos – Sitia, Rhodes – Kastelorizo, Alexandroupoli – Sitia, Aktio – Sitia, Corfu – Aktio – Kefalonia – Zakynthos, Lemnos – Mytilini – Chios – Samos – Rhodes and Rhodes – Kos – Kalymnos – Leros – Astypalaia.

The only differences compared to the previous competitions (2016 – 2017) are the following: Kythera was added to the barren line Thessaloniki – Kalamata – Kythira and Sitia was added to the barren line Rhodes – Karpathos – Kasos – Sitia.

The terms of the competition

According to the terms of the declaration, until August 4, any interested Community air carrier can express its intention to operate, from February 1, 2023, some routes without financial compensation.

If this happens, then the tender continues for the remaining lines, with the date for the submission of tenders set for 25 September 2022.

The competition is international, so it is “open” to every EU air carrier.

Today, barren airlines are operated by SKY express (the company owns the majority of barren lines) and Olympic Air (Olympic Air belongs to AEGEAN).

In fact, both companies recently proceeded to renew the fleet of ATR type aircraft they have and are expected to show a binding interest in the tender and perhaps “duell” on several lines.

Source: Capital

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