Aircraft Live: Aircraft Radar 1.21.0

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Aircraft Live Is a simple and functional application with which aircraft tracking will become possible with just one touch. Aircraft radar and detailed flight maps allow you to instantly track the desired flight.

Tracking flights with your loved ones has never been easier! A simple, straightforward and informative aircraft tracking application with many functionalities will be appreciated by everyone! Aircraft Live app will help you track the aircraft in real time with a detailed flight map and aircraft radar.


  • Notifications about changes in the flight schedule: stay informed about the status of the flight, canceled flights, information about the time of arrival, departure and flight delays;
  • Detailed information about the flight: from the characteristics and image of the aircraft, to its route and schedule;
  • Online tracking of aircraft and biplanes around the world in real time;
  • The application will help you find a specific flight and airport;
  • Tracking flights and the latest information from international airports: arrival and departure times, time zone and local time, airport location and weather conditions;
  • Add airports and locations to My Places for faster access to the data you need;
  • View the weather forecast for a specific location or airport.

Premium Features:

  • Detailed schedule;
  • Unlimited push notifications;
  • Detailed information about departure and arrival;
  • Placard with terminal, check-in, exit number, luggage;
  • Extended notifications;
  • Lack of advertising.

Get your personal aerial radar today and track flights with one touch!

Coverage area:

  • Europe: up to 95% of the continent.
  • South America: up to 90% ADS-B coverage.
  • North America: Nearly 100% coverage for aircraft equipped with radio transmitters; 100% of the data arrives with a delay of up to 5 minutes.
  • Africa: almost complete coverage of South Africa; partial coverage of the rest of the continent.
  • Australia: 100% coverage.
  • Asia: Covering the most populous regions.
  • Oceania: 100% coverage.

Together with our partners, we are constantly working to improve the coverage of the application.

Important note: The application uses data from multiple providers and provided by aircraft equipped with ADS-B transmitters. ADS-B technology is not used by all airlines or flights. Due to technical limitations regarding the collection of flight data, this information may sometimes be incomplete. We are working to correct this state of affairs.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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