Akar: If Greece is not aiming against Turkey, then where is it aiming?

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Annoyed by the movements of Greece in the field of armaments, but also of the alliances he is building, appeared Hulusi Akar.

Asked by Turkish journalists about his country’s problems with Greece in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, Akar said that Turkey supports their resolution through dialogue and in the context of good neighborly relations.

“We had a positive and constructive meeting with the Greek Minister of Defense. We look forward to seeing the positive results of this meeting in the future, “said Akar.” We have always said that provocative actions and rhetoric that increase tensions are not helpful. We have told our interlocutors and continue to say that some political figures and people come to the fore and talk about this issue and that this must be prevented. At the same time, with the encouragement of some countries, some actions are being taken, mainly armaments. We want to make it known that these actions have no benefit in the medium or long term. Why do we say that? We strive to live together, to have good neighborly relations, to take advantage of the wealth that is available and to ensure that our countries live in security and prosperity. Apart from that, everyone should know that even though we are in NATO, the search for different alliances will damage both NATO and bilateral relations and undermine trust».

Commenting on the “alliances” with France and the United States, Akar once again showed Turkey’s annoyance, saying: “It is necessary to always act in accordance with the spirit and letter of the existing alliances. The NATO alliance we are in is the strongest defense organization that has ever existed. Therefore, everyone should see that the different aspirations are not appropriate while we are in NATO. If there is a separate alliance between allies, outside the NATO framework, it is also against NATO’s vision for 2030. “NATO is talking about unity and solidarity.”

Referring to the “arms race” in which Greece has recently entered, Akar wondered, annoyed: In Greece they say that the armament reinforcement “is not aimed against Turkey”. Then, against whom is he targeting? “. “Turkey has never been a threat to its allies and partners, it is a credible, strong and effective ally. Everyone should know this. In addition, it is necessary to see that Greece, which has financial problems, enters into such adventures, which will make the life of the Greek people even more difficult, “he added.

Asked about the desire to supply Turkey with F-16s from the United States, Akar said: “It is our duty to protect the population of 84 million, our land, our rights and our legislation.. How do we do that? We will do it with our army. What does army mean? It means staff and equipment. We are trying to fulfill this. “So we are trying to equip our army in the best possible way.”

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