AKTOR – AVAX claim the extensions of the Attica Road through Standard Proposals

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by Eleni Bota

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The extensions of Attica Road to Lavrio and Rafina are claimed by AKTOR Concessions and AVAX, existing shareholders of the highway.

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The two companies, as a joint venture, submitted a plan for the extensions of the Attica Road, through the Standard Proposals that enable private companies to undertake technical and financial studies for projects with a budget exceeding 200 million euros.

The new model for the implementation of infrastructure projects was included in a bill passed this year and foresees that a private individual or a consortium of private individuals undertakes to study technically and financially a project with a budget exceeding 200 million euros. The private person, in cooperation with the appropriate consultants, prepares the technical studies and the financial model for the project, and then the government conducts a tender.

In the event that the private person who proposed the project wins the competition, then he undertakes to implement it based on the studies he prepared. In the event that the project is awarded, through the tender, to another company, then the latter must pay the one who prepared the tender for the cost of the studies.

However, in any case, the evaluation process of the model proposal is completed in 90 days from the date of sending the proof of receipt of the model proposal.

Regarding the two extensions of Attica Road, the one towards Rafina provides for the bypass of Marathon Avenue and the local traffic lights and the other towards Lavrio provides for the widening of the existing road from Markopoulos to the port.

These two extensions will also include the suburban line, so that the two main ports will be connected by means of a fixed track.

Source: Capital

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