AKTOR: Signatures for BOAK fall next week

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of Eleni Botas

Next week, according to information, the contract for the section of the North Road Axis of Crete Neapoli – Agios Nikolaos is expected to be signed “, with AKTOR as the contractor.

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The project has a budget of 186 million euros and AKTOR is the first company to enter the largest road to be built in Europe, while significantly increasing the backlog of its signed contracts.

The discount given by the company amounts to 7.10% and the project concerns the Design and construction of the projects

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improvement of the section “Neapoli – Agios Nikolaos”, of VOAK, with widening of the existing road, with a total length of 14.00 km. and turning it into a freeway. while this section is the continuation to the east of the Hersonissos – Neapoli section and will be implemented by improving the cross-section and geometry of the existing road and is part of the overall project of BOAK, which is developed at a length of about 300 km. and extends from Kissaios to Sitia.

The auction took place last February, and the project, with a € 17 million public option, includes the improvement of traffic to serve the traffic during the construction of the motorway and the accompanying works.

The completion of BOAK will upgrade road safety with a significant reduction in fatal accidents and serious injuries, significantly increasing the average annual rate of road accident reduction to around 7% per year, from around 4% in the last decade. The aim is to put an end to the sad beginning of the fatal accidents that the island is experiencing.

At the same time, it is expected that there will be significant savings in travel time and a significant reduction in travel time, while it will help reduce the cost of transporting goods and products in the overall road network of Crete. Regarding the tourism development, BOAK will contribute to the upward course of the development of Crete.

In addition, it will significantly boost employment by creating 90,000 to 130,000 new jobs across the economy during the construction phase and after the project is completed and for up to 30 years.

Source: Capital

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