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AKTOR: Solution to the deadlock of the 150 million euro project in Romania

of Eleni Botas

The entire construction of the Centura A0 road axis (Bucharest Perimeter, ring road) in Romania was undertaken by AKTOR of the Ellactor Group.

According to information, AKTOR, which participated in a joint venture with EUROCONSTRUCT TRADING’98 SRL (with percentages of 51% and 49% respectively) in the construction of the project, decided to take the percentage from its local partner, which implies a total construction object for the Greek Group, after the price revisions, at 150 million euros.

This is an important development, as, among other things, the problems faced by the Romanian company have been known for a long time. It is an 18-kilometer road section, part of the Bucharest Ring Road, which will have a total length of 101 kilometers and is part of a major European project called Pan-European Corridor 4, which will cross Romania from west to east.

According to the latest data from the Romanian Ministry of Infrastructure, which were announced a few days ago, the highest progress of works on the highways under construction in the country has been recorded by AKTOR, followed by the Turkish Alarko and the third, the Italian Astaldi.

As it turns out, the Greek Construction Group is at the top of the construction of the country’s major highways in May, with a progress of 4.44 points for the works on the above road section and with an execution rate of over 8%.

It is followed by Alarko with a progress of 3.68 points in the southern part of the road and Astaldi with 3.67 points.

Commenting on the report of the Romanian Ministry of Infrastructure, the president of AKTOR, Christos Panagiotopoulos states in the capital “the projects in Romania are being carried out normally.

We are slowly escaping from the problems of the past. And this can be seen in the official report which reflects the progress of the projects being carried out in Romania “.

At the end of last November, AKTOR handed over section 2 (Lot2) of the Sebes – Turda highway, 24.5 km long and with a budget of 122 million euros.

In the country, AKTOR is constructing a total budget project of 682 million euros, including the railway network upgrade projects such as the sections Lot 1. Brasov-Apata and Lot 3. Cata-Sighisoara, the railway section Lot 2 Apata-Cata but also the restoration of Subsection 2c of Gurasada.

Source: Capital

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