Al Bano: «I can’t find manpower. Fault of citizenship income “

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“The lack of labor it is a dramatic reality that I face every day with mine farm. The cause? The Basic income first of all”. Al Bano also launches his accusations against citizenship income and young people. The problem, he explains in an interview with the weekly New one, is that it does not find people willing to work on the Cellino San Marco estate in Puglia, which produces oil and wine and in which there are also a restaurant and a hotel. “We should do as in Germany, where after school children are already apprentices in companies at the age of 12”, the solution proposed by the singer.

His words come after those of Alessandro Borghese andthe Flavio Briatore. The first to spark the debate on young people and work was the television cook, who a month ago denounced the lack of staff in restaurants, lashing out at the young people, who «prefer to stick together on weekends to have fun with friends. And when they decide to try, they do it with the arrogance of those who feel they have arrived ». Briatore, an entrepreneur himself struggling with the lack of cooks and waiters in his premises, then came to blow the fire of the controversy: «Many young people are looking for work hoping almost not to find it. I see it clearly: they prefer the Basic income to a career path. Even when the path is offered to them, well paid: while guaranteeing adequate salaries and long-term contracts, they refuse ». And again: «I have about twenty addresses in Italy and abroad: I have no problems in recruiting personnel in Dubai, I have no problems in Saudi Arabia. I have problems in Italy, in England and to some extent also in France. In England more due to Brexit, in Italy above all due to citizenship incomewhich has become the true ambition of young people. The first question I feel asked by many guys during interviews is if they can have the weekend off. I don’t even take these into consideration here, I don’t want to see them anymore. “


Source: Vanity Fair

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